Finding The Best Standing Desk For Your Office

Why Stand?

Your shoulders lean forward, your neck gradually arrives closer to the computer screen and your back slides into a comfortable slouching position. Even when your day is finished and finally leave the office chair you haven’t quite recovered from the marathon session of sitting.

There are many methods for combating the issues with sitting. You can glance at your Apple Watch when it yells at you to stand. You can sit on an exercise ball to encourage movement. Or maybe just focus on your posture and get your 10,000 steps in for the day. None will fair so well as a simple standing desk.

First, before we talk about anything else, let’s make sure we are aiming for the right desk. A standing desk needs to be properly adjusted for your height and size. Bad standing is not better than bad sitting.

There is not anything inherently complicated about a standing desk. Your elbows should be at about 90 degrees and stand up straight and the computer screen should be directly in front you, not below. The hard part is finding an affordable desk that also fits you well.

The adjustable desk riser is a good option for most people. You can use your existing desk so it won’t take up much additional room. It’s easy to switch between sitting and standing. Simply lifting the riser or twisting a knob is all that’s needed. It’s also easy to take with you if you moves offices, cubicles, or jobs.

Finally, remember that standing  is better because you will hopefully move around more naturally. Lift up your legs once in a while. Give your back a quick stretch. Flex your glutes and keep it there. Don’t wait until you finish the project to use the restroom. Move more frequently and be mindful of your posture.

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