Support Team

Over the last 4 months, our customer support team has grown to better handle your issues in a timely manner. Tony, Rita, Yoyo, Alex, Tina, Kathy, Nancy, Ann, Nichole and Flora are some of the people who work hard every day to answer your calls and find answers to urgent problems. Together, our goal is to help you with a number of issues, ranging from delivery, use, repair and when the time comes, disposal or recycling of your desk. We want to make sure your experience of smugdesk (the product and the company) reflects the values we stand for and what we are trying to build with you.

We took a good hard look at our processes, what we could do better, and how to offer a higher level of customer support. Here’s how we have improved so far:

Expanded the team to increase capacity, reduce the backlog and improve response times.

Improved process to document frequently occurring issues, so we can be more transparent about known problems, solution status and temporary workarounds.

We developed and published a specific warranty statement for the spare parts we recently started selling. We have also published an updated version of the warranty statement for your smugdesk. There are upcoming changes at the European level on consumers’ rights legislation that we need to include.

We will continue to shape our support team and processes to better meet the needs of smugdesk owners. Going forward, we will keep improving our efficiency, response times and keeping our community informed of what’s going on behind smugdesk’s customer support.

We’ve come a long way, but there is still plenty to learn. Don’t be afraid to offer advice or share your ideas in the comments below.